a little shout out for 7cc...

7 cities crafters is just about the coolest group of crafty ladies (and maybe the occasional guy) in all of tidewater. handmadeVA would not exist if not for 7 cities...it's a great way to network with other crafters and maybe learn some new skills and techniques. basically just a social group, 7 cities holds meetings the first sunday of every month. check out the website for this month's meeting details.


happy crafting!


interested crafters and artists...

apparently there's been a lot of inquiry about how to get involved with handmadeVA! if you are an artist or crafter and are looking to sell your wares, feel free to contact me (vicki) at handmadeVA@yahoo.com.

we may not have room in the space right this moment, but as we look at our options for the future, i'd definitely love to include lots of other local talent. let me know if you're interested, and i'll keep you up to date!


lovely handmade goodness

just thought i'd give you a sampling of items in the shop, just in case you haven't been by to check it out yet. (why haven't you??)
[earrings by heather wright.]

[zipper pouches by soraia gobin.]

[beaded scarf necklaces by vicki bahr.]

[rings and earrings by michelle odom.]

[upcycled cd coasters by kristen runberg.]

[hand painted wood turned ornament by kelly guswiler.]


it's official...

...handmadeVA is open for business! Hooray!

We'll be adding even more inventory over the next week or so. Check it out!


oh man. we're so excited!

So the set-up has begun, and we're super stoked about how things are looking...We've got a great little corner in the Mystic Mermaid.
Just to give you a little preview...

Not much to look at yet, but inventory will start coming in on Monday. Be sure to check it out for some awesome handmade goodness!