Vintage clothing at handmadeVA!

Hello friends!

We've made some more changes to the shop recently, and I'm getting so excited for all the awesome fall and holiday items we'll be getting in! Here's the new jewelry display (made from some frame I found on the side of the road!)...

Some super cute cups from the equally adorable Bekah...

And...vintage clothing! I've had my vintage clothing stored away since I stopped selling on Etsy, and decided it all deserved a good home. So now hVA has a little vintage section, and the prices are great! (Skirts around $10, dresses around $20, etc.) There are a few bags and I'll probably be adding some houseware items soon.

So now handmadeVA really is like a physical Etsy! Handmade crafts, art, and vintage items all in one happy place!

I'm picking up some scarves, neckwarmers and gloves from Katie E. tomorrow, and Michelle added some awesome new items earlier today. Look for lots of new items as we getting closer to the holidays! (I'm working on VA ornaments this week...)

Thanks for supporting your local handmade community!



some press for hVA!

So I was excited to see us (sort of) mentioned in this article on AltDaily.com! Yay!


Featured products of the week!

Fun chalkboard mugs...(Kelly Guswiler)

Recycled leather cuffs....(Ashton Keely)

Also, come join us (aka 7 Cities Crafters) for ArtEverywhere's Closing Night on July 2nd. 7 Cities Crafters won a $500 grant to put together some crafty awesomeness for the event, and it's going to be rad. Check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=112141988876346


Crafts are cool.

Check out my piece on AltDaily:

And be sure to make it out to the Etsy craft party on June 10th...we'll post details here soon.

Yay crafts!


New look, new stuff.

HandmadeVA got a much needed spring cleaning this past weekend, and we've added some great new stuff, too!

Ceramics from Kelly Guswiler.

Recycled t-shirt jewelry from Alodeuri.

Headbands from Sophie's Lament.

Stuffed cuties from Get Your Art On and Sloane Solanto.

Embroidery hoop wall art from Dreamfly.

Stop by and check out all the great new items! More pics to come...


new stuff!

Yes, friends, we still exist, thought our lack of blog updates might suggest otherwise! Many HandmadeVA crafters (myself included) have been busy lately with craft shows, art projects, and other adventures, but we've managed to find the time to hunt down some great new artists for the space. Check out what's going on with the shop...

I meet a fantastic artist out of Arlington, VA at a craft show this weekend and am so excited to have her jewelry in the shop. She uses junk mail envelopes to make the sweetest necklaces, earrings, and more. Some of the most creative stuff I've seen in quite a while! (Check out her website for more info...and fantastic pics of her "ugly kitty"! http://www.myuglykitty.com/)

More from Ugly Kitty Redeux...

I also found these great primitive dolls from Bittersweet Folk Art (seen here with a VA pillow from Dreamfly and bird pillows from Sophie's Lament). They're made with antique materials and are incredible works of art.

We'll be adding new pieces for spring over the next couple weeks and many of us are looking forward to some outdoor shows soon (and hoping for good weather!). I'll keep you updated on where you can find us.

Rogue Elephant coffee is now on sale for only $9/bag, and soy candles are still 30% off!


Rogue Elephant Coffee is back!

Finally got some delicious Rogue Elephant coffee back in stock after it sold out during the holidays! We're currently carrying their Guatemala, Sumatra (my favorite) and Mocha Java beans. Try it today! (If you're looking to sample it first, grab a cup while you're at the Boot...now serving Rogue Elephant coffee!)