Vintage clothing at handmadeVA!

Hello friends!

We've made some more changes to the shop recently, and I'm getting so excited for all the awesome fall and holiday items we'll be getting in! Here's the new jewelry display (made from some frame I found on the side of the road!)...

Some super cute cups from the equally adorable Bekah...

And...vintage clothing! I've had my vintage clothing stored away since I stopped selling on Etsy, and decided it all deserved a good home. So now hVA has a little vintage section, and the prices are great! (Skirts around $10, dresses around $20, etc.) There are a few bags and I'll probably be adding some houseware items soon.

So now handmadeVA really is like a physical Etsy! Handmade crafts, art, and vintage items all in one happy place!

I'm picking up some scarves, neckwarmers and gloves from Katie E. tomorrow, and Michelle added some awesome new items earlier today. Look for lots of new items as we getting closer to the holidays! (I'm working on VA ornaments this week...)

Thanks for supporting your local handmade community!


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